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Kitchens & Bathrooms Installation Services

From Brooklyn to North New Jersey, both residential and business owners have consulted the services of GB Cabinets. We are a New York based company which specializes in kitchen and bath installation or remodeling in addition to many other services such as apartment conversions and commercial interior design. Our main focus is on installation and remodeling services, which are both very extensive in their approach to achieve the look you've always wanted in that apartment, hotel, or two stories home. In addition to providing the labor and materials for the project, a consultant can also use their expertise to convert the space into a modern design showcase at no further charge. Here are some examples of the services we provide in the greater New York area.

Kitchen Installation

This will involve taking measurements and showing customers our unique line of products. Then, we begin the construction process in which we consider your financial budget.

Bathroom Installation

From new vanities to porcelain tiles, customers will be shown a wide variety of products from our showroom. Then we will determine an estimate.

Kitchen Remodeling

We will update the kitchen into a modern space. Countertops and finished cabinets are just some of our products.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

We carry a variety of custom finished kitchen cabinets. These cabinets can be installed using our efficient three step process.

Kitchen Countertops

Our high quality countertops range from concrete to granite. We have a wide variety to appeal to your unique taste.

Multi Units Installation

Our services range from apartment to hotel conversions. You can choose to renovate the entire building or just a few rooms.

Bathroom Remodeling

We will match your vision for a new bathroom design. Creating an updated bathroom will require restructuring the existing space.

High End & Luxury Bathroom Installation

We carry a variety of new fixtures and products to create a pleasant bathroom experience. We will strive to create a luxurious and accommodating space.

High End & Luxury Kitchen Installation

We have the latest appliances and materials to create a wonderful culinary adventure! Our team of professionals will review our products with you before installation.

If you live in New York and you have a vision for updating that home, apartment, or other commercial space consult GB Cabinets for a free estimate. Our versatile range of services can accommodate any need you have, from kitchens to hotels.