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GB Cabinets, a New York based design consultation firm, specializes in all aspects of kitchen installation and remodeling. It is important for customers who consult the company to know the difference between installation and remodeling to avoid confusion at the time of the estimate. Although both the installation and remodeling process require tedious planning, there are slight differences between the two.

When contractors work on a kitchen installation assignment, they use an extensive three step process which involves replacing or implementing products into an existing space. The first step is to gather measurements to ensure for accurate placement. The second step requires contractors to review the company's extensive product list, going through images of finished cabinets and other kitchen products until the customer finds something that is appropriate to their individual taste. The installation process, the last step, involves working with the customer every step of the way, from financial counseling to a final evaluation to determine if the installed products fall in line with what they envision.

In a kitchen remodeling project, customers are concerned with changing an existing structure and design of the entire room. Unlike installation, remodeling involves a complete makeover which may require the use of laborers and a project manager that oversees the operation. Remodeling ventures might also involve adding or removing a wall to create more space in the kitchen, replacing tiles with hardwood flooring, and creating a brand new design through new countertops and finished cabinets. Homeowners who choose to remodel a kitchen will generally pay a higher price to rework the entire kitchen into a more functional and updated space.

Whether customers choose an installation or remodeling project, GB Cabinets offer a professional and affordable service. Contractors will give customers a choice of meeting in their home or at one of their large showrooms for a free estimate. The showroom is a virtual warehouse that stores a wide variety of products and materials until ready for use. From installations to remodeling ventures, it all starts with the customer's vision. A variety of factors including financial budget and time constraints may influence this decision. Ultimately, the customer must decide which process better fits their needs for a more modern and contemporary kitchen space.