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Kitchen Installation NY

The Best Kitchen Installation Company in NY!

A kitchen is one of the most popular and important rooms in a modern home. The numerous television shows about kitchen design are evidence of this. The reasons for the popularity of kitchens include their ability to gather family and friends together and the way they provide open living space in a home. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that kitchen cabinetry installation is performed quickly and correctly to get you functioning out of your dream kitchen.

Installation Made Easy

Once you have picked out your unique elements and your dream kitchen is designed, why not let the experts at GB Cabinets finish your project for you? GB Cabinet installation is performed by our team to ensure that the cabinets are level and located in the proper position. Our experts have experience installing cabinets on walls made of plaster, concrete and dry wall-stud. Cabinetry installation can be tricky, if you are not experienced. To begin the process, our team starts by hanging the upper cabinetry. A level is an installer's best friend and is used extensively throughout the process. Markings are placed on the wall to ensure that your cabinets will be hung in the correct location.

Next, technicians install the lower cabinetry, although it is recommended that all flooring be installed before this task is completed. If all of the gas lines and water lines are already in place, the next step involves making the cut outs required for the installation of sinks, gas pipes, electrical cables and any recessed accent lighting. If necessary, shims will be placed under cabinetry to make sure that the bottom cabinets are level. This is extremely important for the proper installation of a counter top. A counter top may bow or separate if it has seems and the underlying cabinetry is not level.

Once these tasks have been completed, the next steps involved the finishing touches to complete a kitchen installation. The cabinet doors are hung and adjustments are made to ensure that the doors are level and that they close flush. This can take some fine tuning but with the right adjustments to the screws, it can be accomplished. Drawers are then placed into runners and tested to see if there are any problems. The last step will be the installation of door and drawer hardware. Knobs, handles and pulls give a kitchen a polished look.