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Kitchen Counter Tops NY

#1 Kitchen Counter Tops Showroom in NY

Not so long ago, there weren't many choices when it came to kitchen counter tops. Today, you can choose from a myriad of stock and custom counter top options that will create a dramatic look for your kitchen. The counter tops available now are not only surfaces to prepare meals on, but they are also an integral element in your kitchen design.

GB Cabinets can install various styles of counter tops in your kitchen. Choose the materials that you prefer for the look of the room, and create a kitchen focal point that will give your home a lovely design. If you want a special look for the room, porcelain and ceramic counter tops are attractive options. If you're not sure of the precise look you want, you can be easily helped in making the right choice.

Concrete gives you a unique look, and it is enjoying a period of popularity in kitchens today. You can have your concrete counter top stained to match the colors in your kitchen. Granite is always a popular surface for kitchens. They impress friends with their look, and they will add to your home's value.

Corian synthetic counter tops created and installed by GB Cabinets are practical and solid, making them a logical work surface. Solid Corian counter tops resist scratches, and they give your kitchen a high-tech look, while still providing a practical choice for meal preparation.

The material you select for your kitchen counter tops should suit your home as well as your own sense of style. All the materials have pro's and con's, and you may need to reseal some materials, down the line. Most counter top materials will stain if you don't care for them properly. Stainless steel doesn't stain, but it's not practical in every kitchen style.

Granite and tile can be tested before it's installed by the professionals at GB Cabinets. Some tiles become dull if they are exposed to specific chemicals and foods. Granite may contain certain irregularities, but you may be able to choose the slab you would like used in your kitchen.

Your kitchen backsplash may include sink, wall and prep area protection, which will keep your counter tops easier to clean. After you decide the type of counter top you'd like installed, you can decide on the best backsplash to include for a stylish kitchen. The backsplash you choose should have a finish that accents your kitchen well. Your kitchen is ready for whatever custom look you would like to include, and then it will have a wonderful style that you'll be happy to show off.